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02May 2016

There is nothing that gets a serious readership more than an article on diet and why it doesn’t work! So, as some readers commented (1597 comments) –  “It is time to stop fat shaming” and “…being overweight is a disease”. If you haven’t read the article – here is the link. Now, I am not at […]

21Jan 2016

It is time for a sensible and easy snack.  I love these crackers – they are simple and quick to make, taste great and are incredibly healthy.  Hemp seed is a real nutritional powerhouse.  They are high in nutritional value and contain 20 different  amino acids and all nine of the essential amino acids (like flax). And, don’t […]

14Jan 2016

I missed the wonderful crunch of a crispy fried piece of chicken. It seemed that I was destined to brining boneless, skinless, chicken breasts (and, it is a great way to add moisture and flavor); or breading with coconut and nut flours (again, good).  But, what if you wanted a piece of chicken with a […]

31Dec 2015

No – these eggs will not send you to hell – dare I say, I think that they are heavenly (but, spicy). I love the taste of these lovely eggs – the simplicity of the ingredients and the wonderful palate for eyes and tongue!  This recipe is a great example peasant food that doesn’t necessarily taste like something […]

21Oct 2015

May I start out by stating – ‘No It Doesn’t’. I do NOT subscribe to the idea that you need to spend hours pumping iron.  None of us have the time.  But, as we will delve into in future posts, what is sufficient to start?  If I want to move forward – what do I do? Before we […]