“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”



Yes – it sounds overly simplistic – but, once you decide to do something, then to commit to the action to see it through, you will set a cause in action and change yourself in an instant.

So, what do you want to change, ‘ to transform’?

I am going to make an assumption that if you are reading this, you want to change your body either through nutrition and / or exercise.  That is a very laudable goal – especially when you realize that 68% of the US population (and, Canada and the UK aren’t far behind) is overweight; more disturbing – 34% of Americans are obese. You may not think that being overweight impacts anyone other than you  – but, you would be incorrect.

Making changes to improve your health has more far reaching effects – just beyond losing weight.  Think overall health care costs and productivity!

The US population is being impacted through rising insurance rates – or the impact to overall economic robustness. I am not saying that you should get in better condition to improve our economic consequences – it would never stick.

I just want people to be aware that we all benefit from a healthier population!

Now, if I had to venture a guess – you’ve tried counting calories and exercising furiously. Am I right?  Both of these things work in the short-term – then, well – they become boring, and soon you are back where you were before (maybe with a few more pounds on your frame).  After a while, you give up – hey, I understand – I was there as well.

But, let’s step back and really try to understand how we can improve our health by ‘going back to the basics’.  And, when I say basics – we will start at the gene level (I promise that this won’t be boring) and then, take it to a higher and higher level.

Your Genes


We’ve seen the marketing campaigns for companies like ‘23 and Me’ that test your DNA and can tell you about your heritage and potential issues with genetic abnormalities. Yet, these ‘inherited genes’ are just part of what you unique. I think this type of genetic mapping is  interesting and is of value – especially if you have instances of inherited disease in your family.

Inheritance does count – you inherited things such as eye color, hair color, body type even propensity to alcoholism. And – you can’t change these conditions (OK – maybe for hair color – you can (thank you L’Oreal)), but – there are so many other genes that you can’t directly see – yet, that have a profound impact on your health.

And, how we turn ON  – or OFF – these genes is known as the science of ‘epigenetics.’

You see – you can ‘reprogram’ your genes – choosing to turn:


“ON” the genes that promote health (increased fat burning, improving your immune system, etc. )

“OFF” the genes that can promote poor health (inflammation, fat storage, cancer and so on).


Here are the key factors and we will discuss each one in upcoming posts.

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress / Gratitude

So, if you are ready to learn and realize your true genetic potential – then let’s start moving towards our optimal health.

Will you end up looking like Giselle Bundchen or running like Usain Bolt?  No (sorry) – but, you can end up being the best you and enjoy the superior health that IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT.

What is your dream?

Remember dreams are free, but, the ‘work’ is sold separately.

Now get to it.


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