Happy Friday – and, I bet many of you are going to either host a Holiday Party or attend one this weekend.  It’s fun, right?  Absolutely!  Everyone is dressed in their holiday finest (unless it is an Ugly Christmas Sweater party) – but, with the festive mood and goodies – you can let your hair down and enjoy it (after all, it only comes once a year).

 But, then you are left with having to lose 15 pounds at the beginning of the year (and, no – it is NOT all water weight).  Not so festive now – are we?

 So, how do you enjoy yourself and still button those jeans on January 2nd?  Here are some tips.

 1.        Get moving!  Yes, there is SO much to do – but, exercise should be high on that priority list!  Find something that you like to do – and, schedule it.  Yes – that’s right – schedule it!  If it’s not on your schedule – it is NOT a priority.  This is your chance for a little ‘me’ time and you feel so much better afterwards!

2.       Don’t bank calories.  Have you ever not eaten all day and overdid it at a holiday event?  You were hungry and your body does NOT like to go into starvation mode.  Rather – eat things during the day that fill you up – but, aren’t high in sugar.  Examples include carrots with hummus or baba ghanoush, soup, or lettuce wraps.  Make it tasty and filling and your desire to attack the buffet table will subside.

3.       Snack before the party.  On the same vein as item #2 – have something before the party that will stave off hunger pangs.  One of my favorites is celery with almond butter or guacamole.  The additional fat will also help in decreasing hunger.

4.       Scope out the food offerings.  If you know that you MUST have the mini-slider or crab dip, look at the things that you can live without and plan accordingly.  Also, leave room for some crudites! You will be happier knowing that you didn’t really deny yourself.

5.       Mind your “P’s and Q’s”.  If you imbibe alcohol – then by all means enjoy it – but, here are some suggestions.  Limit the number of drinks to 2.  I know that can be hard – but, here are ideas.  I find that I drink faster when I have the glass constantly in my hand.  Find a place where you can put the glass down – you will find that it will last a lot longer.  Next, aim for sparkling water between drinks.  It keeps you hydrated and it still feels festive!

6.       Desserts are OK.  But, here is the rule – three bites! And, savor those bites.  Now, that doesn’t mean three bites of every dessert.  As in item #4 – scope out what you really want to have and enjoy it.

So enjoy the parties!  Enjoy your friends and family – after all – it is not about what you put in your mouth.  It is time spent with those we care about.


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