Alright, some of us may be guilty of acting like a child from time to time (I know that I am guilty).  But, this is different. 

What was it about the Christmases of your childhood that make you feel warm inside? 

  • Was it hot cocoa after an afternoon of ice-skating or caroling?
  • Was it looking at the bright lights in the neighborhood windows and front yards?
  • Was it going shopping and looking at the store windows?
  • Was it helping your grandmother and mother make Christmas cookies? Or, wrap presents?
  • Was it reading your favorite Christmas story in front of a roaring fireplace?
  • How about that favorite Christmas TV special that you never missed!
  • Was it listening to the old Christmas songs where everyone (even if they couldn’t carry a tune) would happily join along with Bing?
  • Was it making your wish list to give to Santa?
  • Was it watching the snow fall until a blanket of pristine white covered the ground and the trees looked like cotton candy?

What is your favorite memory? 

Please share and we would all love to see how we all cherish this time of year!

How can you bring some of that joy back?  Maybe ice skating is no longer your ‘thing’ – but, why not take an evening walk and then, have that hot chocolate while listening to Christmas music.   Funny – all the things that I listed above YOU CAN STILL DO!  Yes, generations may have passed – but, we can pass these on to new generations! We just need to take the time to do them. 

This year – slow down and remember. Rediscover those things that bring those fond memories back.

Hoping that you are having a magical Holiday Season!




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