The rain finally let up and the sun is starting to peak through the clouds.  Since I have been housebound most of the day, it seemed a good time to lace up my shoes and head out for my daily walk.  Normally, I am listening to a podcast to while away the time. However, today – my iPod was not charged.  So, I am left alone in silence – this is not something that I am used to.

As I walked, I marveled at the freshness of the air, the verdant greens (now that the pollen was washed off), the stark contrast of the newly planted flowers against the dark background of wet mulch.  In other words, I was noticing things that I never really paid attention to – and, I felt blessed.

Sure, it is a bad hair day – but, does that really matter?

Later on, I started thinking about last week at this time.  My husband and I were having Tapas and wine on the Mediterranean coast – the food and wine were wonderful and the ambiance added to that.  My question to myself was “would the same food and wine, served at my kitchen table, have the same allure?” I have to state that the answer would be ‘tragically, no’. But, why?

This was an epiphany that I can’t quite stop thinking about.

Why do we easily brush aside the familiar? Why do we take for granted those miraculous things that are in our own environment?  What made last week’s late lunch in Barcelona so memorable?

First, it was that we were taking our time and taking in the surroundings. Can I bring that magic back into my daily life?

  • Yes, rather than eat in front of the TV, how about setting the table and turning on some music?  If you can eat al fresco – even better!  It doesn’t have to be your best china – just use some pretty plates and napkins (paper towels are NOT napkins – as I tell my husband). Make the table look like it was done by someone who cares – even if you are eating alone! Don’t worry if there is a TV show you have to see – set it to record.

Second, it was that we really tasted the food.  How often do we do that in daily life?  We don’t pay attention to how the flavors play off each other, the texture, or the aroma.  We chew until we know we won’t choke – and, don’t even realize when we are satiated – so we overeat.

Can I get an Amen?

  • I am going to take time to enjoy my food. The aromas coming from the kitchen, the beauty of the colors on the plate, the tastes and textures.
  • I actually find that I appreciate the food that I make at home more (versus eating out), because you can enjoy the process of preparing the food, the scent of the freshly chopped herbs, the aroma of onions browning.

See – these are ‘small things’.  But, enjoying those ‘small things’ make a life that is full of gratitude, joy and wonder.

And, I am in!

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