Everyday should be a celebration.  After all, who doesn’t love to celebrate? 

Yet, how often do we continue to live mundane lives because we are very busy – or circumstances get in the way. We get so focused on the problem at hand (the deadline that seemed to come out of nowhere; you are over on your budget; “who’s going to get the kids and get dinner on the table”; “why is that person driving so slow” – I think that you get my point) that we lose sight of the things that matter.  In other words, ‘life’ – the ONE thing we should be celebrating – gets in the way.

I must admit that I am likely one of the first people raising my hand, and pleading ‘guilty as charged’ on this. My ‘life’ was my job and the company I worked for. My job took precedence over fun, family and friends. It wasn’t until my job decided to ‘leave me’ – that I started taking a restock of what matters.  And, while I am working on rebalancing and trying to live a more ‘celebratory’ life – it isn’t always easy. 

We set ourselves up to think that ‘celebration’ means a lavish dinner or party or festival. And, yes – they are fun!!

But, I think that it is time to reframe our definition of celebration. Rather than make it about important events or occasions – let’s just state that it is the act of celebrating ‘something’ – we just need to determine what that ‘something’ is.

I would argue that you can celebrate in the most simplistic of ways and bring magic back to your life. It doesn’t require elaborate plans. I think it really comes to living more in the present while seeing the small things around you that you may not have noticed before. 

In my mind, I call it having the ‘photographers’ eye’.

As I am writing this – it is early spring in Texas and every few days will bring an incredible change in landscape that surrounds me.  This happens everywhere else, but – often on a different timetable.

So, allow me to paint mental pictures for you of what could be a cause for celebration.

1.       The first crocus peaking up from the snow.

2.       The first robin of spring.

3.       The first bud on a tree.

4.       The first pussy-willow.

5.       Getting the first water-cress of the season.

6.       Seeing the bluebonnets (and they are out)!

Now, multiply these few ‘springtime’ images and realize that there are so many things for us to observe. Each season brings its own special pleasures and joys – it would be a waste not to celebrate them.

For example, two weeks ago I was in Minnesota visiting my parents, when my Dad and I decided to get some watercress from a nearby creek. The trek, which we have taken many times, made me remember taking walks in the forest, going to pick watercress for many years, the promise of spring, morel hunting and so many other flashbacks. It really made me go to a ‘grateful’ place. 

Our celebration?  My Mom made a wonderful watercress salad that evening – it wasn’t a big thing – but, it was a celebration of what nature can provide and memories that go along with it.

What can you do to celebrate? Don’t lose your days to quiet desperation – enjoy the moments. They are gone too quickly.

So, what is YOUR something?





2 Responses to Note To Self: Take Time to Celebrate
  1. I celebrate the sound of the first peepers in the pond on the first warm spring evening.


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