I trust that everyone is getting back into the swing of things after a very hectic (but, I hope joyous Holiday Season). In an effort to be totally transparent, I often dread this time of year. The twinkle of the lights vanishes; trees and decorations have to be taken down and things are kind of, well, ‘blah’.  It doesn’t help when the sun doesn’t shine for days, either.  Sounds like Seasonal Affective Disorder (more on that in the future).

So, what is a person to do?  Well, I’ve been taking cooking classes and working on new recipes for The Cave Woman Diva.  So, I am getting a lot of ideas that you will be seeing in the future and that gets me excited!

Today’s dish was derived from ingredients I had on hand and a deep desire for potato hash.  Since I don’t eat potatoes in great quantity anymore – I was wondering what could be used as a substitute.  So, my Soft Boiled Eggs with Mushroom ‘Hash’ was born.  I love the silkiness of the egg yolk as it mixes in with the mushrooms and takes the dish to another level. It is a great way to get your morning started!

The recipe is filling, inexpensive, and the recipe can be used at breakfast, lunch or dinner.   The recipe, as written, serves 1.  But, it can be easily doubled – so enjoy!

Also, I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I am still working on figuring out settings for the camera (or, if I should get a better one – I am leaning towards that option. So, stay tuned – I am, after all, a work in progress).

Soft Boiled Eggs with Mushroom Hash


1 Tbsp. coconut oil

1 shallot

8 ounces mushrooms (I used organic cremini, but – you can use whatever you have on hand)

2 sprigs of thyme

¼ tsp. rubbed sage

2 eggs

2 scallions, finely chopped

½ Tbsp. balsamic vinegar

¼ cup of parsley, chopped

  1. Remove eggs from the refrigerator and let sit at room temperature for 30 minutes. This step is important in getting a good result from your soft boiled eggs.
  2. Prep:
    • Finely dice the shallot
    • Roughly shop the mushrooms
    • Remove thyme leaves from sprigs (you should have around ¼ to ½ tsp.).
    • Finely chop the parsley
    • Finely chop the scallions
  3. Bring a pot of water to a slow boil and add eggs. Set the timer to 6 minutes.


4.  Fill a mixing bowl about 2/3 with ice and add water. You will need this to stop the cooking of the eggs after the 6 minutes are up.

5. When the 6 minutes are up – use a slotted spoon to quickly remove the eggs from the boiling water and place into the ice water bath.


6. Melt the coconut oil in a skillet. Add the shallot and cook over medium heat until the shallot is translucent (about 2 minutes).


7. Turn up heat to Medium/High.  Add mushrooms, thyme and sage and cook until liquid is released and they start to brown.


8. Remove from heat and add the balsamic vinegar, half of the parsley, and the chopped scallions.


9. Carefully peel the eggs and slice in half.

10. To plate: Put mushroom hash on the plate, top with the egg halves and garnish with the parsley.

Soft Boiled Eggs with Mushroom Hash

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