How many of you never give yourself time to ‘have fun’.  We get so focused on our day to day lives and serving those people around us until we finally get so tired and tapped out because ‘our needs’ aren’t met.  Having fun is necessary for your well-being, mental and physical health.  

When we are tapped out – we get lethargic (therefore, exercise is no fun) and can turn to alcohol, drugs or food as a coping mechanism.  So, filling our ‘fun tanks’ is of importance for not just us – but, for those we hold dear.

So, for those of us who haven’t used these ‘fun’ muscles in a while – what do we do?

  1. Try something new.  But, here’s the kicker – do it because you WANT to; not because you HAVE to.  That’s why I never consider exercise ‘fun’ – sure – I often enjoy it.  But, truth be told – in order to stay healthy, I have to exercise – so, it doesn’t fill the fun quota.
  2. Have friends over! It doesn’t have to be elaborate – how about for coffee and small talk, or go for a walk in a park with your BFF’s.  
  3. My favorite is to watch old Carol Burnett shows. Yes – I am dating myself here, but Harvey Korman and Tim Conway always made me laugh until I cried.  Now, reruns of Carol Burnett may not be your thing – but, find something that really makes you laugh.  Even a half hour of it will help your mood dramatically.
  4. Sing out loud.  Even if you aren’t a good singer – belt it out!  If you want to keep it more private – that’s OK.  But, find a song you really love and go for it.

There are so many other things that can be done – and, frankly you have to define what it is that you would like to do.  

You Just Need To Give Yourself Permission

So, the next time you feel bored, overwhelmed, lethargic, or tired – give yourself a ‘fun’ break!

Live well,



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