Welcome back!

I am so excited!  This website has been down for awhile – but, I promise that this new website will have a lot of great information on health (nutrition, exercise) and well-being (rest, self-esteem). I see this as a community where we can learn from each other and support each other to overcome the inevitable obstacles and reach the transformation we want for us and our families.

I will be honest – I’ve been through this.  I am someone who has experienced issues with weight (I was 220 pounds in high school). I’ve had family issues, health issues, work issues – and I came through all of these challenges stronger and more focused on what is important.

I want to provide information on new health topics (I am always reading and learning) and motivation (I am a huge Brendon Burchard and Brian Tracy fan). I know what can work for you – but, don’t want to be so prescriptive that ‘it’s either my way – or, the highway’.  I look forward to learning from each one of you.

My lifestyle philosophy is this:

  1. Eat a diet high in vegetables, lean protein, good fats. I will provide some of my favorite recipes to show you how to do that.
  2. Limit the ‘sugar foods’ like wheat, sugar, agave syrup, rice.  We don’t want the blood sugar induced insulin spikes.
  3. Stay hydrated.
  4. Move everyday.  I will provide ideas on how to incorporate movement everyday – and, make it fun.
  5. Learn – improve your mind daily.  Learning is the key to brain health.
  6. Meditate – listen to your body, God, the universe.  Just take the time to be still!
  7. Think positively and be forward focused. The past is gone – it makes no sense to dwell on something you can’t change.  Take the lessons from the past and move forward with a positive momentum!

Life is meant to be enjoyed everyday.  So, let’s start and enjoy the ride!